How to Stop PE For Men
September 25, 2019 admin

Learning how to stop premature ejaculation bring benefits both for you and your partner. Treatment options for premature ejaculation include sexual therapy and medications. If you want to perform longer in bed and have no fear in mind about ejaculating prematurely, you need to try various household techniques.

Using different therapies and exercises will aid to stop your premature ejaculation problem, but in some cases medical intervention is necessary. As follows are practical and proven ways to stop premature ejaculation for men.

1. Talk to your family physician if you have any doubts with premature ejaculation. Look into any underlying health issues like erectile dysfunction or hormone imbalance.

2. Masturbate and ejaculate an hour before having sexual intercourse with your partner. This will probably help in delaying your ejaculation during sexual contact.

3. Exercise using the squeeze techniques. Try these techniques on your own. Stimulate your penis organ until you are close to an orgasm. Stop stimulating and squeeze the head of your penis until you no longer feel like ejaculating. After 30 or 40 seconds, continue stimulation. Do it for more than 2-3 times. This technique teaches you how it feels to delay your sexual climax.

4. Use topical anesthetic creams or gels to delay ejaculation. Rub it on your penis before intercourse until your penis is slightly numb. Get rid of it and engage in sexual stimulation. The effects last over time so your orgasm is delayed.

5. Take part in mental hygiene program. Talking with a therapist might help you to identify relationship issues which affects your sex life or any sexual anxieties you have.

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